Screening service

how to order the vibration screen
how to order the vibration screen


WHY Screen is so important?

The vibration separator is noting without a good quality screen. The screen play a vital role in product capacity and out put quality. Bad screen can cause a lot of trouble such as short screen lifetime, contamination in product, low efficiency and source of bacteria accumulation.


AMKCO SIAM can solve all sort of screen problem. Our SuperBondedTM  screens are produced by advance manufacturing method according to European standard. Our screens production precisely control tension to the optimum point of each wire mesh selected. Extra high uniform tension of  our screen provide higherthroughput and longer screen lifetime than you commonly find in themarket such as spot-welded screen.


SuperBondedTM screenis also preferable in food and pharmaceutical industry, In some places, our type of screen is the only type allow in the process since our screen is fully encapsulate, no spot for dirt to go in and no spot for mesh to expose to your product. All our material are certified food contact.


AMKCO SIAM can provide you quick and easy way to get your new or rescreen

  New Screen – we can produce high quality screen for both AMKCO and other standard vibration separator

  Re-screen – your screen loose or broken? Contact us to revive your screen back to life

  SpecialScreen– Any your special screen requirement

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