Straight-Flo machine

An AMKCO Straight Flo machine is often used as a final “police screen” over, for example, a Big-Bag filling unit, bulk truck or under a bag-emptying-machine. Because the vibratory motors are mounted on the side of the AMKCO Straight Flo machine, the product can drop through the machine in a straight line. This ensures high capacity, but is also subject to some restrictions.

Because the AMKCO Straight Flo machines do not always have the same vibrational patterns as traditional AMKCO vibratory separators, the addition of traditional

sieve cleaning systems (with rings or balls) is less effective, and it is more difficult to sieve the product on fine screens of less than 1 mm. AMKCO Straight Flo machines are ideal for checking the product for coarse contaminants.

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