De-dusting machine

The removal of dust is perhaps the most difficult sieving task. Most of the product can be found on the screen and hinders the supply of new product. The trick to de-dusting is increasing the discharge capacity and, in particular, the discharge capacity of the product on the screen. The AMKCO De-dusting machine is perfect for this!

Normally the product moves from the screen to the outlet, which is located somewhere in the wall of the machine. With only one outlet, the product will be queuing up to get out of the machine. Should the supply rate be too high, the screen becomes full and hinders the process until it eventually stops.

The AMKCO De-dusting machine has a screen that is one size smaller than you would expect considering the size of the machine. As a result, the product that moves to the periphery of the screen no longer moves to the outlet but falls directly from the screen to the convex bottom of the de-dusting machine and exits from the outlet there. This means product is removed from the screen more quickly, resulting in a significantly higher capacity and efficiency.

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